Michael Seward Testimonials Reply

85 North Main Street, Unit 18, Belchertown, MA

March 2013

Dear Michael:

I am pleased to write to tell you how much we appreciate your assistance in accomplishing the sale of our condo #18 in the Jonquil Estates, 85 N. Main Street in Belchertown.

First, we are very pleased that with your help in showing the place, the good offer was received so promptly, certainly more quickly than we had expected. But, perhaps even more critically since we are not nearby, your assistance was crucial in getting forms submitted and cheerfully arranging inspections by the Fire Department.

We also appreciate your continuing to send us information on other properties that are or may be available as replacements for the Belchertown condo…Thank you again. (Click here for the original testimonial.)


Ralph Beals

143 Kendall Street, Granby.

March 2013

As a first time home buyer, I consider myself very lucky to have found Mike Seward. He is knowledgeable, professional, and personable. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and acquaintances.

During the process of looking for houses, I felt that Mike really listened and understood what it was I wanted in a home. He also helped me become even clearer around certain aspects of “home”, which helped me narrow my search. Patient and thoughtful, Mike put me at ease as I continued my search. When walking through a house, I never felt rushed nor did I feel pressured into liking something that wasn’t right for me.

When I did find a house I liked, I always felt Mike had my best interest in mind as we navigated through the second half of the home buying process. He was helpful during the home inspection and I felt he was looking out for me. Nearing the end, I had many more questions and Mike was prompt in returning my calls and emails. He also was excellent with follow-up regarding questions I had that required him to make further inquiries. In this way, he assisted me with every detail and assured me each time that it was always okay to call him with any other questions or concerns.

The closing of the house has come and gone and I am very happy with my new home. Mike said I may still call him if anything came up and I know he means it. I am grateful that I chose Mike. I feel he performed his job with honesty, integrity, and competency. (Click here for original.)

Rebecca Savage
Granby, MA

167 Henry street, Amherst, MA

Dear Mike,

This is to thank you for representing me for the sale of my home in Amherst, MA.  I had previously attempted to sell the house myself, as well as listed with another prominent real estate agency in town, but neither action had been successful in securing a sale.  There were some unique aspects to this property — a nearby train track, increasingly busy country road, and landscape damage due to last year’s storms — that made it a challenge to sell.

I greatly appreciated your multi-marketing efforts using both traditional methods of newspaper and online MLS listings, as well as various social media now available (Craig’s List, local blogs, etc.).  And your personally narrated video tour of the property, for which you additionally walked to & highlighted neighborhood attractions & recreation areas, was a great way to feature my home to prospective buyers. That’s what I call “going the extra mile” — literally!

Thank you for listening so patiently to all my concerns, keeping me informed, and for simply working so hard on my behalf.  I won’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone considering buying or selling a home! (Click her for the original.)


Sarah A. Madison

Belchertown, MA

The video for this property that Sarah mentions:

233 Strong Street, Amherst (Buyer Representation)

Dear Mike,

I wanted to take a moment to offer you my sincere gratitude for your patience and honesfy with me during the process of my dwelling purchase at 233 Strong Street, Amherst, Massachusetts. It is refreshing to find reliability and morality in an industry noted for its mendacious attitudes. Your meticulous attention to every detail put my mind at ease from the beginning to end. You made it easy for us to purchase a home out of state without being there. Not only did you take the time to show houses to my son, Thomas, but you took the time to return my calls and review everything in full detail.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to further business in the future. Please feel free to use my name as a reference for future clients.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas Nocella and Gary Nudelman

352 Montague Road, Sunderland, MA

Michael Seward was very polite and helpful working for me.  He did go far and beyond for the hardship issues between myself and ex-wife. He helped me in a lot of ways trying to make things easier on me.  For instance, driving to S.V.E. Associates for me for septic tank papers, being very understanding about bad things that happened to me in my life, and helping me out with the support of finding a buyer for me home before I lost it in foreclosure.

Thank you Michael,

Philip Hepburn.

3118 Main Street, Palmer, MA

When I was first looking for someone to help me sell my condominium, it was a very difficult choice.  Nobody had suggestions for someone in the area, I had no idea about the selling process; what questions to ask or even what criteria I was looking for in a realtor.

After doing some research, I found someone who I thought would be perfect.  They came out that day to look, explained some things to me, we exchanged contact information and we parted ways.  After that, my experience went really bad, really fast.

After awhile, I started receiving letters from various other realtors saying that since my listing expired, I should list with them.  (I had no idea my listing even expired)  Among those letters, I received a letter from Michael Seward.  His letter stood out from all the others.  It was professional, factual, signed by him, addressed to me, not “Dear homeowner” and seemed genuine.  I gave him a call and right from the start, he was kind, talked in terms I could understand, was realistic about the selling price given the current economy and was willing to work with my unique situation.

Since I lived one hour from the property I was selling, it was difficult to go meet him at just any moment.  Throughout the entire process, he made it a point to check in with me every one to two weeks, even if there was no news, he still checked in with me.  When he had an open house or showed the property, he kept a closer eye on my place, making sure nothing was wrong knowing I was not around much.  There was one time when something was not quite right and he called me right away.  I confirmed that it was me who was there and sorry to alarm anyone.

When the time came that someone put in an offer, Michael helped me through the process one step at a time, which was helpful.  It was reassuring to know that someone as at genuine as him was there to sell my house.  I suggest Michael Seward to everyone.  He knows what he is talking about, always responds when you contact him within a reasonable amount of time and genuinely seems to enjoy what he does.

Jen Calef

Palmer, MA

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