Pioneer Valley towns receive money for public housing improvements Reply

Eighteen Pioneer Valley communities will be receiving funds for their respective housing authorities thanks to capital awards being distributed by the commonwealth’s Department of Housing and Community Development.

“Affordable public housing is in high demand across the state,” said Undersecretary of Housing and Community Development Aaron Gornstein in a press release announcing the funding. “These additional dedicated funds will provide local housing authorities with new tools and funding to extend the life of our current housing stock and also more quickly house seniors and families looking for affordable housing.”

The Patrick administration will be dispersing four types of funding to upgrade buildings for energy and water conservation, to make health & safety improvements, to renovate vacant units that need costly rehabilitation, and to help housing authorities to make 5% of their units fully accessible.

Funding for health and safety improvements is what most Pioneer valley communities that received a portion of the $11 million distributed by the commonwealth for public housing improvements.  Chicopee, Montague, and Westfield received awards for sustainability improvements and health and safety improvements, while Ware was the only Pioneer Valley town that received money to rehabilitate a vacant unit. 

Here is a list of Pioneer Valley towns that will receive funding.



Type of Funding



Health and Safety



Health and Safety



Sustainability/ Health and Safety

East Longmeadow


Health and Safety



Health and Safety



Health and Safety



Health and Safety



Health and Safety



Health and Safety



Sustainability/Health and Safety



Health and Safety



Health and Safety



Health and Safety



Health and Safety



Vacant Unit Rehab

West Springfield


Health and Safety



Sustainability/Health and Safety



Health and Safety

 *This award is a total. To see how much money was awarded for each type of funding, click here.

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