New York Times features Mohawk Trail in travel section Reply

A great way to enjoy the colors of autumn is to take a drive down the Mohawk Trail, part of Route 2 west of Greenfield to the Berkshires.  You can enjoy the fall foliage, explore hiking trails & quaint country towns, enjoy the work of area artisans, go zip lining, and more.

The New York Times recently featured the Mohawk Trail in its travel section.  The Times suggests that travelers imagine the “automotive incarnation of an ancient footpath” as a journey of  “countless joyful curves, inviting side roads, mountain streams, and in the fall, crimson foliage and bright blue, cider-ready afternoons.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, really.

After offering a brief history of the road, the article offers a guide to some

No drive down the Mohawk Trail would be complete without a visit to the Bridge of Flowers

interesting spots on the stretch of road described as the “the most rewarding miles” between Greenfield and North Adams.

Starting on the western side of those miles, the Times suggested hiking the Hoosac Range in North Adams, exploring the old growth forests or other outdoor adventures in Charlemont, and the wildlife sanctuary, maple farm, and art galleries of Shelburne and Buckland.

Of course, no visit to Shelburne Falls would be complete without checking out the pedestrian-only Bridge of Flowers, a former trolley bridge that was converted in the 1920’s.

While the Times offers suggestions with links of places to visit, to eat, and to sleep; a more complete list can be found at

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