Pioneer Valley July home sale data continues upward trend Reply

The Pioneer Valley real estate market continues to improve.

The REALTOR® Association of Pioneer Valley (RAPV) recently announced that July single-family home sales are up 9%, but median sales prices are down .8%.  These sales figures compare sales from July 2011 to July 2012 and reflect an upward trend as seen with previous months.

County  Sales Jump % Median Sales Price No. of Units Sold
Hampden           2.3%  $175,000 (↑3.6%)              268
Hampshire          20.7%  $259,000(↓ 2.1%)              111
Franklin           27% $185,000 (↓ 1.6%                47

The number of single-family homes sold in Hampshire County rose 20.7% with 111 units sold in July 2012 compared with 92 units sold in July 2011.   Median sales prices declined slightly from $264,500 to $259,000.

In Franklin County, single-family home sales jumped 27% in July 2012 when compared with July 2011 to 47 units from 37 units, respectively.  Median sales prices declined slightly from $188,000 in July 2011 to $185,000 in July 2012.

Hampden County was the only county in the Pioneer Valley that saw a slight increase in single-family median home prices from $169,000 in July 2011 to $175,000 in July 2012.  While Hampshire and Franklin County saw a significant increase in sales, Hampden County only observed a 2.3% increase.

Pending single-family homes sales are also up regionally and across the commonwealth.  The data for pending sales are helpful in determining where the real estate market will be in the months ahead as they represent future sales.

RAPV reported that July 2012 pending transactions jumped 23.6% when compared to July 2011.  RAPV stated July was the 8th consecutive month that there was a double-digit increase in pending transactions. The Pioneer Valley saw 534 properties go under agreement this past month.  In July 2011, that number was 432.

Similarly, the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® (MAR) reported that pending real estate transactions for single-family homes and condominiums across the state were up for the 15th straight month.

MAR reported that the number of pending single-family transactions in July 2012 was up 33.58% compared to July 2011 at 4,694 homes and 3,514 homes respectively.  Pending condo sales were up 29.87%, according to MAR.  In July 2011, there were 1,349 condos put under-agreement and 1,752 condos put under-agreement in July 2012.

If you are planning on buying or selling a home in the Pioneer Valley, make your first call to Michael Seward at 413-531-7129.

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