Hollywood comes to western Massachusetts to film “Labor Day” Reply

Scenes for a movie being filmed in western Massachusetts were filmed in Shelburne Falls.

Western Massachusetts recently received a nod from Hollywood. Scenes for a movie starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin have already been filmed in Shelburne Falls and Belchertown. The movie is called Labor Day and is based on the book by the same name by Joyce Maynard.  It is being directed by Jason Reitman.

I drive through Belchertown every day, so when I saw the film crews at Clapp Memorial Library, I had to stop and check out the scene and get some photographs. Clapp Memorial Library is a great library for a movie scene. It is a 125 year old brownstone with two antique stained-glass windows.  It was once featured in the television show Ghost Hunters. Although no ghosts were discovered by the tv show, those that work there would say different.

The library was closed for the filming and I had heard that none of the stars were needed for the scene— a fact that press reports indicated were false.   It seems that Ms. Winslet was there.   Oh well, I will try not to hold the fact that she didn’t come out to say hello against her.

The movie crew had set up a large street sign with the New Hampshire towns of Concord and Manchester. Trailers overflowed into a parking lot adjacent to the library and a large crane shined a spot light into a window.

A film crew at Clapp Memorial Day in Belchertown. The movie is set in New Hampshire. Note the street sign.

The community was very excited about the whole production.

Although I didn’t see any filming done in Shelburne Falls, my girlfriend had read about the community and wanted to check it out.  So, after a quick stop by the office, we made the journey up Route 91 to Greenfield and headed west along Route 2 and the Mohawk Trail.

Shelburne Falls is a quaint little community. Upon arrival, I could understand why it was a great place to film a movie and there was still evidence of the production. A Bell South sign was still up, indicating that the movie was not set in the present, and a shop window read “End of Summer Sale”.   On the day that we visited, there was a lot of activity because the town was celebrating Riverfest.

If you are looking for a day trip, Shelburne Falls is a great destination. It includes the Bridge of Flowers and an ancient geological formation known as the “Glacial Potholes”. There are also numerous art galleries to browse and the food is terrific.

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