South Hadley seeks to revitalize the Falls neighborhood Reply

The western Massachusetts town of South Hadley is working to revitalize the neighborhood of South Hadley Falls.

The town of South Hadley is working on an effort to revitalize the area of the community’s “South Hadley Falls” neighborhood. Once an industrial center, the Falls area of South Hadley has been neglected over the years. The area is named for a dramatic waterfall created by the Holyoke hydroelectric dam. Holyoke is located on the other side of the Connecticut River.

“The Rise of the Falls”, as the effort is known, seeks to implement smart growth principles by increasing connectivity with paths for bicycle and pedestrian traffic, allowing better access to the river, and promoting mixed-use development, while incorporating the area’s industrial heritage.

With the help of consultants, paid for with the help of a $15,000 grant from the American Institute of Architecture and its Center for Communities, the South Hadley Board of Selectmen recently took the first steps towards revitalizing The Falls.

Among the goals of the revitalization of the Falls is to provide better access to the river, which is currently blocked off by unsightly chain-linked fences and abandoned indusrial buildings.

Among the steps that the town will be taking to begin revitalizing the area are applying for Historic District status, reconstructing the intersection where Main Street , Canal Street, and High Street intersect, and establishing the “Rise of the Falls Facilitation Group”.

The powerpoint presentation submitted by the consultants can be found here. Click here for news articles about the revitalization effort.

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