A special home under construction in Granby Reply

An accessible home is currently under construction in Granby.  It is being built for a wounded warrior by Homes for our Troops, a non-profit organization that was formed in 2004.  They have built homes for wounded warriors all over the country.

Marine Sargent Joshua Bouchard was wounded in Afghanistan in July 2009 while serving as a gunner in a Humvee.  He lost his leg, fractured his arm, and injured his spine. His injuries made him ineligible for a prosthesis, according to news reports.

Sargent Bouchard was awarded the Purple Heart as a result of his injuries and continues to serve as an active-duty Marine.  Semper-fi.

A sign on Chicopee Street identifies the site where volunteers and donors came together to build a home for Sargent Bouchard.

The effort to build a local hero a home garnered overwhelming support.  A 5K fundraising run in support of the project drew 1500 people and hundreds of people volunteered for the build, which is still continuing on Chicopee Street.

This is the second home built for a wounded warrior by Homes for our Troops in western Mass. Sargent Peter Rooney, who was wounded in Iraq in 2007, moved into his new home in Worthington in 2010.

The home being built for wonded warrior, Marine Sargent Joshua Bouchard, by Homes for Our Troops.

This REALTOR had the distinct honor of providing free buyer agency services for this effort for Homes for our Troops when acquiring the building lot, allowing for a savings of about $2,000 on the sale price.

It tied in with another project that I co-founded in neighboring Belchertown, a universally accessible playground, which will not only include components for disabled children, but also allow for area disabled adults and wounded warriors like Bouchard to play with their children.  Go to www.JessicasBoundlessPlayground.com for more information.

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