Congressman James McGovern Discusses Political Side Of Real Estate Market Reply

Congressman James McGovern in Belchertown, MA.

Blogger’s Note: What follows are segments of an article originally published on, which is published by the publisher of this blog.

A day before U.S. Congressman James McGovern was arrested with Congressman John Olver and Academy-award winning actor George Clooney at a human rights protest outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington D.C. today, he stopped by Belchertown to meet with constituents.

McGovern currently represents Massachusetts 3rd Congressional District, which extends southeast from Worcester to Fall River.  As a result of redistricting, McGovern’s district will shift westward to include Belchertown and other Hampshire County and Franklin County communities. Both are areas currently represented by Olver.  Olver will be retiring at the end of his current term.  McGovern is currently campaigning for re-election, but to serve the Massachusetts 2nd Congressional District.

Because certain members of Congress have made repeated attempts to repeal the Mortgage Interest Deduction, which allows home owners to deduct the interest on their mortgage on their taxes, I asked the congressman if he supported MID.  McGovern said that he was in favor of it.

He also offered his thoughts as to what can be done to improve the real estate market.

“I think what will help boost the real estate market is if people really believe, with more certainty, that the economy is growing,” McGovern said.

He said that Congress contributed to the uncertainty.

“I think the fact that Congress did some stupid things like make increasing the debt ceiling such a theatrical event where it almost seemed like Congress was willing to let this nation default on its obligations,” McGovern said. “It sent a really negative signal to a lot of investors out there.”

When asked what can be done to improve certainty, McGovern said that the leadership of Congress needs to change. He said that Congress’ inability to pass a six year transportation bill and the president’s jobs bill contribute to the problems surrounding the real estate market because a lack of committment on the part of the federal government regarding infrastructure improvements  and jobs are making investors less comfortable about making investments that will improve the economy and, subsequently, improve the real estate market.

“The government isn’t the only answer towards revitalizing the economy, but government has to play a role,” McGovern said. “If your infrastructure starts crumbling here, that’s going to impact your real estate market.”

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