How video tours help “sell” your home. Reply

Many real estate agents are still not appreciating the many benefits of video tours for their listings, i.e., they set a listing apart from the competition, they are easily shared, they can be put on DVD, they can save their clients time and money, they are like having an open house 24 hours a day seven days week, and they are simply more fun to watch. As with anything, there are differences of opinion as to the veracity of these claims. Some real estate agents argue that a video tour keeps the phone from ringing as a potential buyer has no reason to call an agent because they got all the information they needed from the video tour or that video tours are just a gimmick. Some real estate agents even make those arguments because they don’t want to put in the extra effort involved.

However, regardless of the opinions of the naysayers regarding the potential benefits of real estate video tours, the search engine optimization benefits can not be denied. It is a well-known fact that the internet is the most utilized source for home buyers looking for a home. Therefore, having a real estate listing placed in many locations online is the best way to promote a home for sale. There are many real estate websites out there where a consumer can find a home and usually they are tied to the Multiple Listing Service:,, and are some of the most popular websites. There are also the real estate sections of, and many others. Further, any website of a real estate office or a real estate agent also allows consumers to browse listings.

Producing a real estate video tour for your home or listing opens the door for marketing on other websites creating more exposure.

Real estate video tours are the best way to market your listing at a higher level than the competition. Some real estate search websites, like and allow video tours to be posted. Unlike “virtual tours,” video tours are more dynamic and proactive when it comes to selling a home. Which would you rather see: a series of photographs of a particular property or a video that tells you about the property? You would want to see the media platform that gives you the most information possible. So simply adding a dynamic video tour to these real estate search websites will be advantageous in itself.

While simply posting a video tour with the usual websites will make your listing stand out from the crowd, there are other methods for your video tour to create more exposure. I have created a channel for my video tours— is great because it is a powerful search engine optimization resource. Remember, Youtube is owned by Google—the number 1 search engine in the world. So simply having my listing on creates an advantage that other properties do not have when potential home buyers type in certain keywords as part of their Google search for a home. Another website that I use to post my video tours is This is a growing international website exclusively for video tours. An added benefit of these websites is that they syndicate the videos to other websites!!

A real estate agent who blogs regularly also creates an advantage for his or her clients, search engines like regularly updated material and reward such websites with increased search engine optimization. So when an agent blogs about their listings—which can include a video tour—it creates another benefit to his or her clients by creating more exposure. Additionally, unlike other real estate search websites, an agent isn’t limited by the “character space” provided by the usual websites to describe a listing.

Because of the ubiquitous ways to find a home online, it is easy to become complacent in marketing a home. It is easy to think that because a home is listed in so many places, that it is getting all of the exposure it requires to pique a potential home buyer’s interest and prompt him or her to schedule an appointment. But given the high number of real estate listings already on the market that are all listed on these websites, it is important to take the real estate marketing to the next level.

But remember, while a video tour is great way to create more exposure, the right price is still the best way to get a property sold.

Call Michael Seward of Prudential Sawicki Real Estate at 413-531-7129 if you are planning on selling a home and want the most exposure possible to get it sold in a buyer’s market. If you are a real estate agent who wants to do the same for your client, give me a call and I can produce a video tour for you and get it posted on the MLS. I can also do the same for those attempting to sell their home “For Sale By Owner”. I will also give you a copy of the file so you can post it elsewhere.

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